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What We Offer

We can build you a website, no matter it's complexity. Our websites incorporate some of the latest SEO strategies to help with getting exposure on the web for your business.

Ranging from simple static websites to fully dynamic websites with custom applications, there is a package that we offer for any size company. When you meet with us, we will figure out what kind of website would be best for you. We use the following factors to decide which is the best: cost, usability, maintainability

  • Web Design and Development

  • Social Media Account Creation and Management

  • Online Business Listings

  • Custom Applications

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Graphic Design

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Our Process

Building a website can be very confusing for people, so we try to take all the confusing aspects of it out for you. With our experience, we have a process that works well for both technical and non-technical customers.

  1. 1. Initial Consultation

    We meet with you in person and talk about your company, and your goals with building a website. In this meeting, we will try to determine what website type best suits your needs.

  2. 2. Proposal

    A formal proposal will be made by us that shows you roughly what the website will look like, and the general content that will be on the website. Also included with the proposal is the pricing for the project and payment options. We generally state the initial price, and then any yearly costs that might be needed for services such as hosting/domain name/email. If everything looks good, we will start the development phase of your website.

  3. 3. Initial Review

    At this point, the website could be ready for launch. From our experience, it will usually require a review by you to make any changes that you feel necessary. We will meet in person to go over the website, and how it works, and then show it to you to make recommendations.

  4. 4. Final Review & Launch

    After we make the changes that were needed, the website will be ready to go live! Once you sign off on the final website, it will be put on the web for everyone to see!

Roc RC Website

Bubble Fusion Website

A Flair of Elegance Website